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Large and small crested crane

History of places and tools

Zaag1blauwe rand.jpg

Although Jos did a lot of drawing and painting during his whole life, graphic art gives him more satisfaction. He loves the artistic skills needed for the design, combined with the craftmanship required to prepare the plates and to perform the printing process. The challenge is to create artwork that corresponds with the product he had in mind and that satisfies him.

Since his retirement as a professor of medicine at Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen, he has more time for printmaking. 
In 2023, he moved from Nijmegen to Amsterdam to be closer to his family. In his new studio, equipped with an electric jig-saw machine (Proxxon) and a larger press (Van Ginkel), he can also make large prints. Apart from the large press, he has the cute small Xcut Xpress which allows him to make tiny prints.


It is possible to visit him.

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